Portfolio: BA Architecture

CollaBuild Year 3

A radical new student accommodation prototype for the Harrow campus of the University of Westminster, a project that is part of the larger scale masterplan (in conjunction with semester 1 proposal of The Continental Gardens).

The Continental Gardens Year 3

A multi purpose intervention on the harrow campus of the University of Westminster, providing new exhibition and events spaces for students, and an elevated walkway with a gallery walk to offer an alternative route between the entrance and main campus buildings.

Reigate Restoration Hardware Year 2

Architectural reclamation store and workshop, aiming to reduce architectural waste through the reclamation of valuable building elements reclaimed from the endless house renovations which occur locally. The centre provides restoration and design expertise, encouraging locals to reclaim and reuse rather than buy new. The centre itself is constructed using a majority of reclaimed items, notably the exposed roof trusses.

Reigate Plug-in Market Year 2

A hybrid, multi purpose market for a once historic market town. Stalls plug away into parking spaces below the main volume, reducing required space for storage when the market is closed. A sun-flower like facade opens up to reveal a set of solar panels that power the entire market during its use, and a rainwater collector ensures the constant flow of water for the users.

Weaveworks Leather Workshop Year 1

Mixed use residential and commercial leather workshop in Bethnal Green, London, specialising in leather goods upcycling and making. Providing space for aspiring leather craftspersons to bring their ideas to life, assisted by a family of skilled local artisans.